Customer Reviews

Ramon G. Verified Buyer Posted on Mar 12, 2020

Been using Arizer Solo since it frost rolled out back in 2011. Still durable like I remember except now they have a feature where you can plug and use at the same time. (older versions couldn't do this).

Andrea T. Verified Buyer Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Peter D. Verified Buyer Posted on Jan 15, 2020

The Arizer Solo I is a superb vaporizer. I chose it for many reasons: 1. Arizer makes awesome units (I also own their V-Tower desktop unit.) 2. I love the slightly chunky size/shape of the Solo I - it feels great to hold and has good contouring in the body to get a good grip. Also, I prefer the lighting array rather than a digital readout. 3. It charges quickly and it can also be used while charging. 4. It is very easy to load up and it heats up quickly. I was concerned about the flower staying in the glass attachment after you've connected it to the unit but it does (I use the bottom of a ballpoint pen to tap the flower down before connecting it.) 5. I like the angled glass piece better than the straight tube. 6. I always use heat setting #4 = 195C/383F and it gives a perfect vapor, strong, tasty and cool. 7. I find that only the glass piece need cleaning, and its super easy to do it with some alcohol. The heating element has never gotten dirty, and after a lot of use it still looks brand new. 8. I use the Solo I at home only. It might be a bit chunky to carry around outside but not impossible. The Arizer Air would be my perfect choice for a slimmer vape to fit in a pocket on a regular basis. 9. The price for the Solo I at Bloomgroove is really excellent for such a high quality vape unit. 10. I could go on and on but you get the idea by now I hope. Its superb!