Customer Reviews

James H. Verified Buyer Posted on Mar 28, 2020

Meh. Just over a month of use and it's basically a door stop now. The latch that hold the crusible door closed is broken. And the extra battery you wanted to buy haha good luck finding that if you look hard you can still find a fast charger but not from ghost wtf. Makes me feel like ghost is about to disappear when I can't find a battery or charger on their own site. It's been just over 24 hours since I opened a ticket with their support people for my broken latch, nothing from them yet. I would get any thing other than the ghost if I could do it over.

Yasemin U. Verified Buyer Posted on Mar 25, 2020

This is a wonderful 5 star vape. Opening the chamber is very simple, yet very tricky DO NOT apply pressure directly, (down) rather, slide the lever with two thumbs crossed on top of each other, left thumb pushing ( slide) right thumb to lever. I almost send this great unit back until I figured out how simple it was. Also be sure the silver compartment on top of the unit will fit secure and tight and flush with the instrument for a tight seal. Useful review by a you tuber

Tyler J. Verified Buyer Posted on Mar 24, 2020

It works fine doesn't vape even at all though. Even with stirring there is still very green flakes left. I have a cheap session vape that does better work. Honestly would have gotten the Boundless Tera over this. With all that being said the thing works witch is more than I can say about some of my vapes.

Julian G. Verified Buyer Posted on Mar 21, 2020

It's a great vape. I love it!

Alain W. Verified Buyer Posted on Mar 19, 2020

Great dry herb convection vape. Quality is exceptional. Easy to use, intuitive, with 6 fixed temperature settings to choose from. Highly recommended!

Warren H. Verified Buyer Posted on Mar 8, 2020

Brandon H. Verified Buyer Posted on Feb 25, 2020

Waste of money buy a pax 3. You have to (even on highest setting) heat till it buzzes 3-4 time to get a single hit, parts of the flower in crucible seem scorched others green. The concentrate setup just drips all over the heating element. waste of money and time.

Vinit B. Verified Buyer Posted on Jan 24, 2020

Not for me.

Garrett B. Verified Buyer Posted on Jan 23, 2020

Very underwhelming. Was looking for a easy and clean way to deliver my medicals. This does a very poor job with leaf material. I have to preheat the whole unit with a heating pad just to get up to temp for a SMALL hit and then only get 2-3 before it goes into protective mode.